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Change Management

The challenge posed by a major organisational change is often not dealing with the change itself, but rather minimising the impact that the change has on a company's ability to continue its normal business operations without interruption.

Roffensian Consulting recognises the risks and opportunities inherent in major change events and offers services to help move the organisation to its ‘new reality’ when the change itself becomes part of normal operations.

In this area more than any other our services have to be flexible to respond to the needs of individual customers.  Not only is every situation different, the specific needs of the customer will vary depending on the internal dynamics, the skills of existing resources, etc.  Additionally, the desired end state may not be fully known or understood.

It is vital therefore that significant planning work is undertaken to fully understand how exactly to assist a customer through change as efficiently as possible.  Work areas considered will include:

· Defining the new reality - ensuring that the desired end state is fully understood and accepted by all stakeholders

· Detailed planning of the change management activities including resources, costs, timeframe, etc

· Communication and people change management activities to ensure that staff remain engaged and contributing either in existing roles or as they transition to changing roles within the organisation

· Resource planning for required training, skills development, recruiting or right-sizing needs

· Assessment of organisational abilities on completion of the change management activities in order to identify further enhancement opportunities, risks requiring attention, etc

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Change Management