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Project Management Office

Project Management Offices (PMOs) have been a core part of many companies' project management strategy for years, although the functions that a PMO performs vary greatly from a full service project management and control department to a process and training function.† Many PMOs have had many of these responsibilities at various points in their life, and some have been disbanded and reformed.† Why so much variation, and why so much change?

There are a number of reasons, but in most cases it comes down to one simple fact - companies donít have a clear strategy for what they want their PMO to deliver, and they donít know how to measure the organisational benefit.† As a result the PMO is expected to solve the Ďproblem of the dayí whatever that happens to be.

Roffensian Consulting takes a strategic approach to PMOs.† A PMO should not be a cost centre, it should deliver real organisational benefit through reduced risk, reduced cost, improved project timelines and better resource utilisation.† Roffensian works with customers to determine what accountabilities the PMO should have within the organisation, develop a plan to build the capability to deliver against those accountabilities, and provide objective measures and controls to monitor the effectiveness of the PMO.

How we achieve those goals varies from customer to customer, and will be determined based on current capabilities, desired timeframe and ultimate objectives.† Typically, Roffensianís PMO services may include some or all of the following:

 Development of a strategic plan to build the PMO from initial creation to completion, consisting of roles, responsibilities, structure, etc

 Methodology, processes, tools and techniques tailored to the needs of the customer

 Audit of the existing PMO / project management function together with improvement plan

 Quantifiable metrics to measure the success of the PMO

 Assistance in identifying and recruiting PMO staff from inside or outside the organisation

 Coaching and mentoring of PMO staff, including managed transition from Roffensian consultants to customer staff

 High level plan for ongoing evolution / continuous improvement

 Ongoing support to ensure that expected outcomes are being achieved

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Project Management Office

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