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Process Improvement

Process improvement is an undervalued skill in companies today.  The day to day tasks that a business performs are taken for granted and there is little consideration given to whether they could be made more efficient.

Process improvement should be considered to be fine tuning of the way that a company does business - a way to help ensure that the organisation is getting the most out of its resources.  Roffensian Consulting believes that this process should be ongoing, and our services are therefore geared to providing customers with the tools they need to manage their own process improvement approach going forward.  We also believe that it is vital to include all levels of staff in process improvement initiatives - after all these are the people who are usually executing on the processes.  Our process improvement services include:

· Working with customers to understand the organisational priorities for improving processes - shorter timelines, reduced costs, lower risk exposure, etc

· Analysis of current processes to identify opportunity areas, existing inefficiencies, etc

· Development of revised processes in conjunction with impacted customer staff

· Development and delivery of training material / process documentation, etc

· Provision of tools and techniques for ongoing process monitoring, continuous improvement, etc

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Process Improvement

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