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Project Management

Project management is now a core function for many organisations, although the accountabilities that form part of the project management function vary considerably.† In addition, the executive expectations of a project manager and the project teamís expectations of that same project manager are often very different.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the varied accountabilities project managers have from one company to another, or even from one department to another, as long as the company is achieving the benefit that it expects from the role.† Too often however the benefit is not being realised, or perhaps worse, it isnít known if the benefit is being achieved.

Roffensian Consulting does not have a standard role definition for a project manager, rather we work with our customers to understand what is important to their situations and develop a project management approach that meets those needs.† Our services in this area are varied, but often feature:

 Definition of the roles and responsibilities within project management based on a customerís needs

 Methodology, processes, tools, templates, techniques, etc designed to work with the customerís organisation.† It is important that this considers the needs of the project team as well as the project managers and the executive.

 Support for project kick-off including facilitation of project charter discussions, role and responsibility definition, etc

 Project management on either an interim basis or for the project duration

 Project recovery for struggling initiatives including a detailed root cause analysis and action plan for preventing problems in future initiatives

 Coaching and mentoring of project staff (project managers and project teams)

 Assistance in identifying and recruiting project management resources from inside or outside the organisation

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Project Management

Looking for project management templates?† Roffensian provides free generic templates - PDF examples are on this page, and contact us for Microsoft Office versions